High Security Lock Systems

New Schlage Everest 29 High Security System

Everest 29 Keyways  

The Everest 29 keyway is new, patent-protected undercut design with protection through 2029. It delivers a higher level of security because it cannot be duplicated without authorization. The Everest 29TM through-cut technology utilizes a unique process to create the patented Everest 29 undercut design. It is shear-strength tested to perform with the same toughness and reliability the Everest family is known for. Multiple levels of security ensure that you get the right solution throughout your facility or campus. Everest 29 keys work by lifting the check pin when the key is inserted into the cylinder, allowing the key to turn and the lock to open. This patented interaction between the key and the cylinder ensures the integrity of the system at every opening. The new Everest 29 patent enables a key blank that is backwards compatible to legacy Everest keyway's allowing Everest 29 keys to work with existing Everest systems aiding the key system migration process. Schlage will help you design a system that can grow and change along with your needs, allowing you the flexibility to upgrade your security without the need to replace all your cylinders.

Schlage Primus High Security System

Primus XP Logo

Primus XP is a patented side bit milling that precisely aligns five finger pins at a sidebar in the cylinder. This unique side bitting makes unauthorized duplication virtually impossible and is also used to create geographically exclusive keys in a thousand available combinations. In addition to a conventional pin tumbler mechanism, Primus cylinders incorporate a patented finger pins and sidebar design, providing a "dual locking" cylinder that is virtually pick-proof. Primus XP technology can be used to upgrade an Everest or Classic system to a high-security cylinder. Resistance to drilling and other physical attack is optional by specifying 20-500 Series UL437 Listed cylinders.

Cliq High Security Key System by Assa Abloy

ASSA ABLOY Cliq system

The ASSA CLIQ is flexible and its easy-to-use system solutions can be applied almost anywhere - commercial workplace's and institutions, industries and housing complexes. CLIQ technology's basic idea is the creation of an intelligent security system. That means a lock system that retains a high level of security despite upgrading, alterations or expansion. Even after many years of use by a continual flow of new tenants, new employees or changes occurring in the workplace, the level of security will remain the same. The ASSA CLIQ key has the same type of mechanical coding as an ASSA Twin key; a system code and a side code. But the key has an electronic code programmed into a memory chip in the key bow as well as a mechanical side code. The memory chip controls and electronic side code that complements the mechanical system code.

Medeco High Security Lock Systems

ASSA ABLOY Medeco Logo

Medeco designed its high security product line with pick and drill resistance features that block the things thieves do to gain entry. When a thief sees Medeco locks on your interior or exterior doors, file cabinets, gates and other secure areas, he will likely decide it isn't worth the risk. Medeco's patented key control systems make it virtually impossible for someone to get a copy of your keys without your permission. This low-cost solution protects against a potential liability for your facility. Medeco has pioneered extremely large Master Key systems through our exclusive use of angled cuts on our keys, and slider combination. With millions of combinations, Medeco can accommodate even the largest installations. Click here for more information on the New Medeco Nexgen XT Ecylinders. Modern Lock & Security can provide you with high Security Medeco locks. Give us a call or email us for more information and to get a quote today.