Bump Keys

Schlage Primus Key

First I want to say that this is definitely another negative of the information age. The security breach in the information.

The latest news of bump keys has fueled two sides of the fence. The need to sell you better locks and the need to sell bump keys and bump hammers on the internet. My first thought is to tell you that bump keys are not a big deal and that most burglars, either pro or street hoods, can break in a back window or door just as easily. I feel though it depends on what you have to lose as a home owner. Do have the Hope Diamond in your night stand? or a rare gun collection under your bed? If you said yes then spend the extra money and buy a high security lock from me or another Locksmith, Get a burglar alarm or watch dog. You could even get a good safe. Also if you have locked your keys in your house and the "locksmith" you call uses any form of bump keys, be sure and check that they have a locksmith license. Most locksmith should be able to open your door by other means such as picking it open.

Try not to lose sleep over the bump key helabaloo. If you have any questions or concerns about bump keys or any thing lock related, please feel free to call, email us or stop by our shop we will be more than happy to help you.

Darrin Wicker, Owner

Modern Lock & Security